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IPHONE Xs -Internal Battery Replacement

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Manufacturer: IPHONE Xs
Brand: Apple

IPHONE Xs - Internal Battery Replacement

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IPHONE Xs - Internal Battery Replacement

Capacity: 2658mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 3.81V

When to change the battery:

  • Quick discharge
  • Shut down the device before the battery percentage ends
  • Some cases of not charging the device or not to work permanently

  • Make sure that the parts are installed by an experienced technician, so as not to damage the product and warranty
  • You must check the appropriate part for your device before ordering it, check the device model number and product details in the FaraMart store.

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General information
Read before buying
Manufacturing quality
High/original refurbished or commercial grade1
Low / Commercial Grade III Quality ( Not Certified Factory)3
 Medium / Commercial Grade II Quality (Certified Factory)2
Replacement Guarantee
Free for 3 months from date of receipt
High quality products 12 months
Manufacturer's labels exist on product
No breakage, misuse or installation
presence of original packaging of product without tearing
Free within 14 days of receipt
product cannot be returned after opening sticker
Shipping and delivery
Fast shipping in Riyadh same day upon order confirmation SR 19
Free shipping when buy 299 riyals in Saudi Arabia only
Normal shipping 2-6 business days as per shipping address

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