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Manufacturer: IPHONE 7 PLUS
Brand: APPLE
I PHONE 7 PLUS BATTERY REPLACEMENT PARTWhen to change the battery:
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When to change the battery:

  • Empty quick charging
  • before the percentage of the battery is finished the device Shut down
  • Some cases of non-charging or not working permanently

Note :

    • Make sure that the parts are installed by a qualified technician so as not to damage the product
    • Try the product thoroughly before final installation to make sure that there is no defect in it, because the installation of parts in full may require the removal of some sticker and breach of one of the conditions of the warranty.
    • You must make sure the appropriate piece of your device before ordering, make sure your device model number and product details are in the FaraMart shop.
    • Spare parts are sensitive cut, can be easily damaged, you should handle them carefully
    • You can install some pieces yourself, but make sure it is easy or difficult to work before you start it. Check out the educational videos and know that any mistake you make may damage the parts or the mobile.

    Genuine Refurbished or New Commercial Quality First Class (Factory Certified)

    Commercial New Quality Second Degree (Factory Certified)

    Commercial New Third Grade Quality (Factory Not Supported)

    Replacement Guarantee (for three months from the date of the invoice) to return the battery to meet the following conditions:

    1. The presence the sticker front fascia also received the battery without removed or re - after remove.

    1. The existence of posterior manufacturers.
    2. No break in the battery.
    3. No cutting, breaking, bending, or dislocation of wires and battery connections.
    4. There is no kind of glue on the battery.
    5. No scratches in the inner paint of the battery due to poor installation

    Read before you buy

    Within 3 days of receipt of the product

    1. The customer must return the product to the shipping company after the shipping policy is issued by the FaraMart team
    2. After receiving the policy, the product can be shipped to us at customer's expense.
      1. Return shipping cost is refunded to the customer and a new product is shipped free of charge in the event of a defect in the product and check the return conditions upon inspection
      2. If there is no defect in the reference product when examined by the FaraMart team, the customer shall bear the return cost.
      3. In case the customer does not want to keep the product, the product should not be used and the packaging should not be opened on the basic condition when the product is received at the customer's expense
    3. Transfer the amount to the customer within 14 working days in his own portfolio in FaraMart and can return the shopping or transfer request to the customer's bank account

    During the warranty period and after 3 days from receipt of the product

    1. In the event that the reference product is found to be in breach of one of the warranty conditions after it is received by us, the return is refused and the customer bears all shipping costs.
    2. In case of a return request, the customer is responsible for returning the product. In case of FaraMart caused by misuse or installation
    3. The product may be returned within 3 days from the date of receipt, if the customer does not wish to do so, provided that it is not used and remains in its basic condition. The value of the product shall be deposited after deducting shipping charges in the customer's account so that he can benefit from it in other transactions. Work in case of exceeding the amount of 100 riyals.

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