About Us

    • FaraMart is a new platform for e-commerce in the Arab world, and in a unique new way - this platform provides multiple services that satisfy all segments of society - consumers, traders and investors. Bring them all in one platform to put the whole world in your hands

      FaraMart is a new platform but includes experts who have gained their experience from global sites over the last 20 years - so we put a summary of world experiences in your hands

      FaraMart operates in a variety of fields covering the needs of the market and meets the requirements of customers whether they are consumers or traders or investors and includes a variety of products from different categories, including electronics, fashion and decoration and hundreds of thousands of other products

      FaraMart is a platform of Enjaz  Support For Treading  Establishment 101033192, issued by the city of Riyadh. This establishment is a pioneer in the field of e-commerce and e-marketing for business transactions only - monthly traffic of not less than 10 million per week. The Faramart platform for retail, wholesale and commercial transactions

      • FaraMart You can shop, buy and meet your home needs even if you are out of the house buying your needs and comparing prices at the price of local markets
      • FaraMart You can advertise and trade your trade and products and start selling them on a platform that includes millions of viewers per month. You can store your goods for us and we are packing, selling, distribution and delivery
      • FaraMart You can invest your time and begin to collect profits without effort, fatigue and risk - as Faramat guarantees you to save the invested capital for more information Read - Start your trade - save money, effort and time. Anywhere in the world you can invest and control your trade within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      FaraMart offers different payment methods for more than nine payment methods and is currently updating 16 payment methods for convenience and meeting customer requirements whether they are consumers, dealers or investors.

      FaraMart strives to increase the security and confidentiality of customer data through the technology - Block Shin - a new technology and a very high protection that provides customers with an unmatched security level

      FaraMart is seeking the world's first ranking - among the world's platforms - and becoming the primary reference for customers in all their daily lives

      You have a simple profile of what FaraMart is doing - what to expect - start your trade - now

      For more information and suggestions, you can ask for help and contact us

      FaraMart - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh City
      • TEL: +966112413918
      • Whats App: +966550350956
      • FAX: +966112413918